How to use and style your Oh Really

In need of some inspiration on how to wear your Oh Really?

You don't know where to start? This page is going to help you with that!

I made styling video's for you to follow step by step on how to button up your scarf. It really is easy breezy after you watched these video's

Add a touch of sassiness and vavavoom to your wardrobe with our colourfull prints.


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Evening Dress

Use the 2 top button and hole to tie your dress to the side. 

Button up the side of your dress and finish with your belt.

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Wrap Dress

Use the top button and hole to tie behind the neck.

Button up the front and style

with your belt.

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Kimono Vest

Use the button and the hole and bring to the center to tie.

Use armholes and drape your vest over your shoulders

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Fold in a triangle shape and wrap around your neck.

Use the buttons for a personal touch.

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PomPom scarf styling

Accessorize yourself with these small silk scarves.

They come with a very soft and fluffy Pom-Pom with gold keychain.

You can also wear them as a headband or as a neck scarf.

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Our Multifunctional Dress

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