My name is Lieselotte I am the creative brain behind the label ‘Oh Really’.

Using luxury materials and the finest handicrafts I design perfectly finished resort wear that speak to the imagination. 


Inspired by exotic places and tropical elements of nature I combine effortless cuts and edgy yet feminine prints with an eye for detail and refinement. All pieces are luxurious, individualistic and timeless, creating some tropical fabulousness in your wardrobe and life. 


The entire range is handmade, from the embroidered triangles to the detailed embellishments, ensuring that each piece is unique in its quality and finish. I create vibrant prints on effortlessly chic, silk scarfs that can easily turn into any silhouette of your choice. 


Whether it is about expanding your wardrobe with some 'unique pieces', a new look for lounging near the shore on a sunny summer afternoon or an exciting night in a tropical setting…

One thing's for sure…you are in desperate need of a ‘OH REALLY’.