Fabulous Face Mask

Lets face it, is time to change our lives. Wearing a mask will be part of it from now on.

Cheap disposable masks are already floating in our oceans by the millions.
Oh Really thinks that reusable masks are the best option to protect ourselves and our loved ones,

without having to put a new burden on the back of our planet.


Whey not do it in a fabulous way?

Let's flatten the curve... but let's do it in style.


You want your mask to match your outfit? Check out our matching silk top's


Oh Really made a high quality mask collection with approved patterns of the Belgian FOD Public Health Department.

They are hand crafted multilayered masks with an opening to add a filter inside.

All Oh Really prints are fashionable,timeless, unique and self made! These masks will finish your outfit in a chic and classy way.


These mouth masks are not for medical use. Oh Really is not responsible for any health claims.

Dusty Rose Dress
445,00 € 300,00 €
Sapphire Oasis Dress
445,00 € 300,00 €
Classy White Top
140,00 € 98,00 €
Flamingo Pink Top
140,00 € 98,00 €
Hot Pink Dolce Top
140,00 € 98,00 €
Star Shine Blue Top
140,00 € 98,00 €

Do you want to see, feel and try out the collection? It would be a pleasure to come and show you the collection.

Please contact me for more information.

Send me an email on info@ohreally.be and I will respond to you within 1 day!