Summer trend colors 2021

To me all colors are beautiful on the right person. The key to looking good and having a fabulous wardrobe is choosing your own personal color palette. I am a trained color consultant and when I see some one I immediately see a range of colors that will make that person shine. 

So when I start designing I start by making color palettes that make me happy. I do not always follow the latest trends. I do what feels right to me!


In this blog I want to share my color palettes for summer 2021 with you. Each palet is the start of a new print design. 

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Solar Sands

Solar Sands is inspired on the dessert. It has a lot of nude, sand and pink tones. 

It's a warm color palette that will look great on a warm hot summer beach day.

Ocean Calls

Ocean Calls is a tribute to the ocean. Our ocean needs protection wherever possible.

It is colorful and bright. This one is more of a cool color palette. 

I love the lilac in this one. This very light and soft purple will definitely turn up every where this summer.

*Did you know that all our scarf are made of 100% silk? Silk is a natural and organic fabric. No chemicals.

Jungle Escape

Jungle Escape is inspired on animal prints. Who doesn't love a good leopard print design! I have always wanted to use khaki and olive green, this color palette will suit everybody. It can be worn in summer but you can keep wearing this palette in winter.


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